Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Burnt Yates  C of E Primary School History Day


What a brilliant day! On a very busy day at the school, our archaeological volunteers were made to feel very welcome and given the utmost hospitality. Two sessions in the classroom were supplemented by every child getting a chance to dig in a proper excavation on the school’s playing field. Don’t worry, in true Time Team fashion, we backfilled the trenches and reinstated the turf. In a few months you will never believe we had been there; honest!

From the four year-olds to the Year six children, they all joined in extremely well and we are sure that there may be one or two future stars of the archaeology world in their midst.

Amazingly, as the reason for our visit to the school was to support the Prehistory Primary Curriculum, whilst removing the topsoil ready for the first group of children we found a‘tool’, probably used in Neolithic times or even earlier (see photo). It could be a 5,000 year old artefact, initially thought to be chert but now seen to be flint. All we can say about it is that it was almost certainly used by a prehistoric man/woman who lived somewhere nearby. What a find!

Other finds included old nails, coal and pottery which appear to be over 100 years old when the field was probably still being cultivated.

Many thanks to Mrs Wilson, Headteacher, for arranging our visit.


Richard Langley

Education Coordinator

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Archaeology at Burnt Yates 30 April 2015