Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Dacre Braithwaite School History Day


We had a super day at Dacre Braithwaite School for our second visit this year. On this occasion, the weather was perfect and the children enthusiastic. What could be better? It was certainly better than our earlier visit when there was snow on the very wet ground.

Richard and Jim worked inside with classes, discussing subjects such as what archaeologists actually do to the importance of sorting and classifying the artefacts they find.

Outside, Roger, Josh and Bob opened up two trenches, one in the school playground (grass not tarmac!) and the other in the school wood near to the main road.

The usual horde of twentieth century ‘rubbish’ was found by the children from an old plastic ball to an extremely interesting ‘medicinal’ bottle complete with corroded stopper. We needed to go deeper in order to get further back in history but unfortunately time was not on our side.

Maybe another time, Dacre?

Many thanks to the Headteacher and staff who made us feel extremely welcome.


Richard Langley

Education Coordinator

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