Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Prehistoric Features at Dacre

Known archaeological features at Dacre include a number of hut circles and storage pits on Dacre Pasture that indicate a settlement that is probably of Iron Age origin, or even earlier. There are also iron and lead smelting sites that appear to have been associated with the settlement.


There is also a feature, previously considered to be natural but which has the appearance of a Bronze Age barrow and the possible remnants of two cairns that, if they turn out to be so, are likely to predate the Bronze Age and one may prove to be the remains of long barrows.


Also visible in the landscape are terraces across a hillside that appear to have been part of a hillfort or similar feature. All are worthy of detailed investigation and there are other features of unknown origin that merit further analysis.

Prehistoric Settlement site on Dacre Pasture