Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Another very enjoyable day in school. Children aged from 4 to 11 were involved in excavating parts of the school playing field as well as Years 1 to 6 joining in talks and activities in their classrooms.

The talks discussed what it was to be an archaeologist and they practised some of the essential archaeological skills. The children were very attentive and asked lots of excellent questions in return.

Outside, Bob, Roger and Ken helped the children to excavate two 3-metre by 1-metre trenches. Although there was much scraping and clearing of the top soil, very few finds were made. The area dug has probably been a field for many years. A good spread of charcoal across both trenches attested to some burning in the past but could easily have been the remnants of a fire (bonfire?) in the not too distant past. We did find some lovely deposits of yellow clay, one of which was in an interesting L shape. Despite the lack of finds it seems that the children all had a terrific time.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the staff at the school for making us feel very welcome and making our job so much easier as a consequence.

The aim is to have a Museum afternoon at the school in late November when we can all feedback about what we did as well as tell parents a bit more about Prehistoric Britain. Watch this space!


Richard Langley (Education Coordinator)

Fountains (Grantley) CE Primary Archaeology Day, 23 October 2015

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