Prehistory in Nidderdale

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School Museum Afternoon at Fountains (Grantley) CE Primary School

On Friday 27th November our Group were invited to take part in Fountains School’s Museum afternoon. The staff and children were aiming to tell parents and other visitors about the work they had done learning about Prehistoric people living in Britain and further afield. From displays to quizzes to food to artwork, they used many different ways of communicating their knowledge and understanding of this important part of our past; a time we are only now really beginning to appreciate the significance of.

Josh, Jim and I supported the day with artefacts (both real and replicas), discussions, displays and a talk from Jim about our Project and the wealth of Prehistory in the Nidderdale region.

Many thanks to all of the staff for inviting us and congratulations also on the success of the event. We thought it was excellent, and so did the parents judging from the feedback we received. There is no doubt that it deepened and made more relevant the children’s overall learning experience.


Richard Langley (Education Coordinator)

Fountains (Grantley) CE Primary, November2015

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