Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Grewelthorpe School Museum Day


Part of our planning with Grewelthorpe Primary school included supporting them in developing a School Museum for the day, an event to which we could invite parents and members of the local community. It was a great success!

The children planned and put on stalls about aspects of Prehistory. These varied from prehistoric food, to tools and even making clay pots. Some children offered parents practical activities, others even gave short talks. What was most evident to our group was the knowledge and understanding they all had for their chosen area. It was brilliant watching the educational tables being turned, watching young people (some only 6 years old) teach adults and in such a fun and informative way too. Check out the mammoth tusk made from cardboard. It's the actual size!

Want to organise a similar event for your school - contact us now. We would be glad to pass on our experience.



Richard Langley (Education Coordinator)

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