Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Prehistoric Nidderdale Schools Support – Grewelthorpe Primary


On Thursday 23rd October four members of Iron-Age (Nidderdale) Community Archaeology Group spent the day at Grewelthorpe Primary School, supporting their work investigating Prehistoric Britain. Whilst two members talked in the classroom about archaeology, two others conducted two small excavations outside.


The inside work involved a talk and discussions, as well as activities aimed at developing the children’s skills in sorting, classifying and interpreting finds and artefacts.

Outside, the trenches were enthusiastically ‘trowelled’ by pupils (Nursery to Year 6) under the watchful eye of two experienced amateur archaeologists. Finds ranged from concrete handrail posts and foundation steps of the old school, a unique perforated brick, pottery, all the way to possible knapped chert flakes. Could we really have found evidence of prehistoric Britons on the school site? Wouldn’t that be something!


An excellent day ended with an impromptu exhibition of finds from the day together with some belonging to our group. A Museum Day in the school hall followed on 9th December 2014.


Richard Langley (Education Coordinator)

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