Prehistory in Nidderdale

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We will be going back to the  probable Romano-British settlement at Studfold next Easter.

This is where we found the hearth (expect to have the dating results back around Christmas time), some Burnish ware ( and a lovely pavement.


Dates of the dig are 2nd April( Easter Monday) to 10th April inclusive.


After the last dig we felt further investigation would be good to

-  find out  where the pavement leads to and its extent?

- what the main round house is like and its relationship to the  stone pile?

- find out more about the entrance to the site

-find out more about the smaller round house and its relationship to the back bank.


We will need to plan how much we can do in the time.


I will ask who is coming in January and if you want to  stay there then don't forget there is camping and more- see


If you are interested in joining us on any or all  of the days during this week, please contact me on for further details.


Bob Barker

Sec. Iron-Age (Nidderdale)

Studfold 1893