Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Once again the weather smiled on us, as we dug up part of the rear of the school play area (guinea pig enclosure!) at Ripley school!

From Reception right up to Year 6, the children were actively involved in digging up the past history of their school yard. Bits of concrete and netting attested to the site of an older version of the play area, remembered by some of the staff and dated by an old crisp packet the children found whilst digging. Excellent archaeology, if a little modern!

Typical 19th and 20th century ‘rubbish’ was discovered as well as some superb sheep front incisors. Together with other animal (probably sheep) bones, this may hint at a previous occupation of the site.

All in all an excellent day – the children and staff were brilliant and most welcoming.

Many thanks to Mrs Wilson, Headteacher, for arranging our visit.


Richard Langley

(Education Coordinator)

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Ripley CE Primary Archaeology Day, 25 September 2015