Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Another terrific day! We decided to put our two trenches in a part of the school playground that had once been occupied by some older buildings in the hope of turning up some foundations. Well, we did exactly that, or I should say that the children did, for they were the excavators.


From aged 4 to 11, all of the children got to dig in the trenches and learn some new skills. These include trowelling & trench management as well as more technical ones like using a metal detector. The main theme though was to have fun learning about their school’s past and we certainly did that!


Other finds included a school pencil, lots of 19th and 20th century pottery, coal and small glassy pieces of slag (industrial evidence) as well as a lot of concrete and several bricks (some still in situ).


Many thanks to all of the staff for making our team feel so welcome. Most of all, a very big thank you to the children who throughout the day showed a willingness to participate, find out and learn new skills both inside and outside the classroom.


Well done, St. Cuthbert’s!


Richard Langley

Education Coordinator

St. Cuthbert's CE Primary (Pateley Bridge) Archaeology Day

16 October 2015

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