Prehistory in Nidderdale

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Prehistoric Settlement on West Burton Moor

This site with its hut circles and enclosure walls has become well known in recent years but it has never been the subject of a thorough investigation. It is at 450 metres on a shoulder of Penhill at NGR SE 0306 8805 and is exposed to the weather from the north east to the south west so it is safe to assume that the climate was different from today when this site was occupied. The pretty village of West Burton is at 160 metres OD and the nearest current habitation to the ancient settlement is at 200 metres, both being located in the sheltered valley of  Walden Beck.

The settlement lies beyond Nidderdale, being some five miles north of Little Whernside but has similarities to some sites within the AONB, notably the settlement at Raygill House amd it may offer some indications of what is yet to be found at Dacre and elsewhere.

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